"Real" Friends

by Gasttlee   Sep 22, 2017

Truth is real friends
are like the boogeyman children see at night.

Just people who barely tolerate and put up with each other
with their own hidden agendas.

Just passing time with you
because they don't have what they truly desire
and you're the only one there until
they do.

Socializing is nothing more
than a business arrangement,
a night job followed by your day job.

When you're not in each other's space,
fire rages in unknown territory.

Whispers blow like the wind
with trash tumbling within.

Things get down and dirty
as you're dragged in the mud
hearing their pleas,
but they slip and let you sink
while they wash their hands on everything.

Everybody else is their trophy
to be displayed
solely for their image.

You're just a shadow
cast out and blind to all
in the cover of dark.

People at their core are venomous
like snakes leaving you drunk with poison.

Friendship is a casual word
for convenience, not comfort.

It's had its day
and has now faded to night
for all eternity
with no purpose.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    What a sad piece about friends. I think that there is a huge difference between "Friends" and "Real Friends" Friends come and go and can never be truly relied on but true friends are those who stick by you through thick and thin who love you and would take a bullet for you. They are the ones who you know if they tell you something you dont want to hear its from love not any other motive.

    True friendship is hard to come by and takes time. The mistake many people make is they want people to be thier friend but are not willing to be that friend back. It hurts like losing a member of your family if ever a true friend betrays that trust but then you have to tell yourself that they were never really a true friend after all.

    An excellent thought provoking piece. Milly x

    • 1 year ago

      by Gasttlee

      Thank you. It's true. A lot of people these days are selfish.

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