we all have a past.

by D. Lloyd   Sep 25, 2017

I told you had a twinkle in your eye
she said there's so much more to them than you know.
she said everyone has a past

I just wanted to tell you mine

I’ve had my heart ripped out after I chose my country and my future over love

I’ve broken hearts all the same

I’ve been so cold yet still full of love

I’ve accomplished dreams and have abandoned some

I’ve seen the far reaches of the world and have only yearned for home

I’ve stood on the world floor and felt empty without family there

I’ve held others and only thought of you

I’ve seen terrible days and glorious ones

I’ve felt pride and shame

I’ve sacrificed my freedoms for others

I’ve followed orders and given orders

I’ve stood in presence of great men and though none greater than my father in my eyes

I’ve learned and changed

I’ve made myself into the man I am today


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