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I don't necessarily write poetry. But I write what's in my mind. You could say its my way of closure.

I'm young but I've accomplished more than some do in a life time.

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  • Age : 21
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  • Country : USA, Texas
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  • Some relationships in life are like tattoos.
    You know it will hurt...

  • Two years have passed since that day,
    I've been around the world twice and have felt...

  • was it a joke, if so it's not funny
    yeh I’m away and I don’t make that much money...

  • I told you had a twinkle in your eye
    she said there's so much more to them than you...

  • We laid him away low
    I cried today first time in years...

Latest Quotes By D. Lloyd

  • I imagine heaven being so very boring, because all the fun people I know will definitely not be residing there

    5 years ago
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  • I stand ready
    at the gates of hell
    awaiting the order to unleash
    our wrath

    I stand ready

    6 years ago
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  • never waste a moment for you are allotted only so many.

    6 years ago
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