Last Words

by Sai   Sep 30, 2017

I sat down to write last words for my love
What could be the best word for my love?

It is so difficult to write a feeling from a wounded mind
And to name a word which could make the relationship wind

Love, it started so beautifully on those cold winters,
When roses changed there scent because we were in love.

We promised to hold our hands little later
Till our dreams could find a place to mature

I wonder where the days of my love are gone,
Why my heart is feeling so blue and alone.

I still remember the sky was blue under which we sang together
You scented like a rose and I was flying like a broken feather.

We made promises never to space out.
A promise never to walk without.

But my dream went over
And you were no where near to make over,

There are so many ways in which I can give my reasons.
But that will not bring back our seasons.

I know you no more resemble with the picture in my heart
The colors started to fade the day you depart

But still my heart wants to see you
And my souls want to feel you

It's nothing but an unconditional for you my love.
No mater there is an endless distance between us

No matter that we will never meet again,
But we share the same moon and the stars.

Like us they all have same distance with mars.
No matter wherever this life takes you away from me

I will hold on the stars till the next irony,
The distances will increase with every step we take,

But one day you will come to know for god's sake
That my love was true like the first cry of the child,

And then you will cry from your heart dark and wild.
Till then my love-
I will be right here waiting for you.


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