Im sorry

by Alice rider   Sep 30, 2017

I use to cry in bed every night with to little boys by my side. Hopeing one day it will be all right. I was only aloud to cry at night so no one could see how much it hurt me that to those little boys i was more of a mother then they ever had i loved them with all my heart i spent most if my time with them from the time they woke up to the time they slept the only time i was not with them was when i was at school and it tore my heart when i had to leave them alone with that women that did not even care for her sons when i got home they would great me and ask me for something to eat because that women never got up to feed then it has been a coupe of years now and i finally left because my health was rapidly going down i would skip meals to make sure the boys ate i would have many panic attacks because i knew it would never get better i left when i was 17 from tjat wicked home the only thing i wish was to take the boys but the could not if i would have stayed i would have died im here to say i am sorry i could not stay any longer and i love my boys even though they are not mine


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  • 8 months ago

    by Em

    This is so sad :(

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