by Donbukana   Oct 4, 2017

My God haunts, all the heretics,
Dirty, dirty word, cut me up to fix,
Sometimes, my God is another one,
An endless life, loaded in a gun,
Drive me while I cross my mind,
Taking motion to extrovert the find,
My God has, all the extra parts,
Look around, He is everything that starts,
One day, we will live in the dirt,
The final judgement begins to give a flirt,
Time to see if this is just a sign,
Is this what God wanted me grind?
No, no, no,
Go, go, go,
I no go the place that you command,
No, no, no,
Go, go, go,
Peeling off the skin and making my own,
No, no, no,
Go, go, go,
Watch me tread into darkness every single night,
My God wants, someones better half,
A higher score, hope I don't get last,
These thoughts are, certainly deniable,
This Book says, that it is certainly reliable,
I have been counting, on the counterfeits,
All that power, watching as the Omnipotent sits,
My God seems so, incomprehensible,
He's the fire in the sun, I'm a syllable,
Pyramid slave, consumption to worship for,
Nothing to hurt me, don't feel anymore,
Attack into the sky, Demons will obey,
None of the Angels, here for us today,
No, no, no,
Go, go, go,
I no go to the time that there's peace,
No, no, no,
Go, go, go,
Placing out my fractures and make me complete,
No, no, no,
Go, go, go,
Why in the love of Mary did you make someone like me?
Here comes the calm,
See whats inside,
Tear us apart,
This is my home,
Oh God,
Dissect my life,
Selling to Heaven,
Now I'm a ghost,
Violent evolution,
Oh no,
Tell me, I'm a crippled swine,
Flawed by masters, in our design,
My thoughts end, on static channels,
Gaining power, higher challenge mantles,
Picking up, all of my destruction,
Copy of a fake, evil reproduction,
Splintered knees, but we are still praying,
Breathing in my war, it's investigating,
Calling to all, of my reaping friends,
Even in death, pain will never end,
The hive demands, time for glory,
I turn my back, to your happy story.


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  • 9 months ago

    by Mark

    Wow. I'm so happy by chance I came across this. If only I could nominate. I love the repetition, the self reflection, the self denial of salvation... This is poetry in my eyes donbukana. Added to favs. Keep writing, I'm new to this, but that's my encouragement, for what its worth.