by Jamparnell   Oct 11, 2017

I want to write something worth reading. Something that inspires the fires of your soul. Something that makes you feel like a whole person again… if you're like me anyway.
I imagine dying on a rock with you at my side and my insides are slowing down.
The rock is my ground and for once in my life I feel grounded again.
I imagine hearing you say all sorts of things that make me want to cling to my second body.
I knew I might die saving you, and so I don't cry… I'll never blame you.
No mistake was made.
No retakes because life isn't a movie.
I don't have much time and though I find your voice soothing, this isn't about me.
This is about you thinking about me in the future and so I start to interrupt…
You tell me to save my strength but I must use it to tell you that…
I'll be okay… Go on without me living the life I always wanted you to live…
Enjoy every second just as I did.
I must say these things in a few words and so I say this…
"Death… Is life's greatest adventure."
And with that I stay alive for what seems like hours of you holding me…
Neither of us saying a word while the sea crashes around us…
You know how much I like adventure.
Its what keeps me happy at my center.
I look at your face tracing the lines with my mind so I'll recognize you when I see you on the other side.
Eventually my breath slips away and I die with one final sigh of relief knowing that I will always be your rock…
That keeps you grounded.


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