That night we walked the city

by Beautiful Tragedy   Nov 1, 2017

Three months of spending
time with you;
That’s all it took.
Three months of late night conversations,
Laughing so hard we can’t breathe,
endless jokes and innuendos,
Is all it took for me to fall
In love with you.
So as I sit on my stool at the bar and gaze at you as you stand right here beside me;
I can’t help but lean over and give your cheek the most delicate
Of kisses.
Your face lights up with a smile
and your cheeks turn a light shade of red,
Something they often do
especially when you catch me staring up at you in such awe and;
you try to hide it as you say
“Stooop iiit.”
But the shine in your eyes gives away the love and adoration I know you’re feeling;
And I feel myself falling in love with you all over again just as I did
that night
we walked the city.


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