Naked Silhouettes

by pmmurphy   Nov 10, 2017

We left the lather on the floor, my shower was open that night. The water beads down the drain, but her hands glided. She only knew a few words to speak, a quivering lip, a night in satire. I love your checkered skin, speak easy gentle giant in lines crafted soft. Your my desolate age crafted from the sky. Your my life disguised before my eyes, a tempted flame I wish to put out with the crutch of my heart. It's not long before the room evaporated, the heat consumed water, causing an eruption of smoke, steam and lust.
Oh, As I was left speechless. Not knowing where to go or how to slip out of this one. I didn't even want to, but my veins screamed anxiety. The blush, the rush, the adrenaline. Her aura was resonating with the idea that I had to flip a table to escape. But the allure oh so tempting, a life worth living. Give me scarlet ideas over deep blue secrets any day. Flames are worth putting out after they scorch your skin, just let the ash brush off you'll live again. I thought.
Draining her hands right before the deed, she finds the softest spot to transcend her beauty. Fingertips like silk, her hands feel life. They transcend beauty like a dove flying high above eclipsed by a morning sun, where my life flashed before my eyes like her lips drenched in the waters. The waterfall seemed to keep this oasis fruitful, the faucet. I couldn't grasp the cold, so the heat kept flowing. I was fumbling now, my feet growing weary, ever slightly hanging on the edge of the room wanting to run. As my mind kept me straight glued on her eyes.
Ever graciously a tender night where we wed our hands like a fuehrer wanting the final piece of land. We desecrated something holy, the sanctity of my home no longer virgin. Eyes pierce through hollow words where old silhouettes stay. This room screams murder, but breathes everything at once. The love, passion, lust; everything succumbs to the heat. Melts together, and becomes fused into one giant slush of a thing. Its not long till i breathe life again but for now I scrape the definition of my heart and let it bleed into the ground.
I have succumbed, she is my princess and my arms no longer weak nor weary. How does a day like this only pass us by, why can't we keep our wish and move on with life. One moment after another we keep it strong, why don't we finish this like its the bedroom. Soon the hour strikes past noon, the alarms are reeking in the hallways, but we just keep forgetting about life. The stars align, hypnosis seems to be futile. For we are already hypnotized.
A silhouette like this comes once in a while, its the flame and drive to want the lust to fill your veins. It com-busts your heart and leaves it hollow after. Begging, simply begging for nurture. Leave these naked hallways and roughed up doors open. For a time like this only breathes fire.


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