internal burning

by pmmurphy   May 25, 2018

i fumbled through my body
like a madman simply looking
for a deeper reason
to bring her back to me.

blood was on the floor
but i didn't care
because these organs
still had her named tattoo'd to them,
for instance

this liver so often loved how deep
our conversations got when you were drunk.

he spoke about it to our kidney,
thats how they became good friends.

my lungs
loved every minute we spent
because your presence filtered
through the air
every crisp reminder of you
and how it tangled through my body
its like a memory from a movie

last but not least my heart
was the one who loved you the most.
it didn't just tattoo your name,
but everything about you,
and surged it everywhere in my body
through each and every single bloodstream
ever created.

a clipped idea and a hurt vein is one thing
but death on the table at a funeral home
right before the wanting of asking for
will i do, or do i will.

people often ask why i felt so deep
well i felt deep enough to collapse
face first

still don't understand why i did either
its a bit confusing

but it happened

she ripped my organs from my body
and scathed each and every tattoo
the only reason i can still read them
is because i get flashbacks
every time i look at the burns.


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