summer trance

by pmmurphy   May 20, 2018

the climb of heat
is but summer ploy,
finding myself
bed-ridden as if winter.
laptop is open
enduring the ideas of
finding another.
hoping my heart gets picked up
like dangling dog tags after a murder.
this window stays shut
& i only see streaks of sun
through my blinds.

long summer bliss
leaves me estranged
wanting another time
another reason,
to open these windows
as her faded hour-glass
framed my recollection of facts.
leaving this heart encased.

glooming and adhering
that we know this is time
to get outside
live the world.

however, its just a padded memory
& i too must realize
sometimes, i'm still alone.

as summer glares
like matches struck in midnight heat.
my toes stay uncurled
as i find the latest edition of the daily paper
& let it just burn in my hands
because the sun forgot my name
& i only leave so many articles
of afternoon delight on the table.

its a quick read
afternoon passes for me
not too fast, but fast enough.
realizing the next day is at hand
& summer entices me
looking for bright rays,
i hopefully open a window
so it may kiss me on the forehead
or maybe on the cheek.


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