Unlike the Others

by schmetterling   Nov 18, 2017

You are
what makes me happiest
in this world.
I only hope
that I can provide you
with the same feeling.

You're not manipulative,
and you don't
make me do things
that I don't feel comfortable with.
I wish I could say
no one else
has done that to me,
but that would be
a lie.

These individuals
did not care about
how I felt,
they wanted
what they wanted
end of story.

I trust you
because you've never
given me a reason
not to.
You don't lie to me,
nor do you avoid talking
about serious matters
just to keep me
from "getting mad."

The last thing I want
is for you
to feel like you have
to be silent.
Your opinions,
your feelings,
your words,
they matter to me.

You aren't a bully to me
you build me up
when I have been broken down.
Instead of making me
increasingly self conscious,
you make me feel
better about myself.
I truly feel beautiful
because of you.

I've been hurt a lot
in the past.
After giving a person
everything I had,
they would always leave
with a part of me.
I was hollow for such a long time;
lost in the pain
of loneliness.
"Why me?"
I always asked myself.

You are the best thing
that's ever happened to me
without a doubt.
I've never met a person
so compassionate
and empathetic.
I've never been with someone
who makes me feel
like I am a priority.
You are who I look forward
to seeing
after a long week.
You are who I want
to share all of my moments with.
You are what makes me
want to be a better person.
Thank you
for caring about me
because it means more
than you'll ever know.


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