Broken can be fixed it’s you I really missed

by Eric   Dec 6, 2017

My dreams are not soured with you around.
I write this for you beautiful my heart has no bound.
The simple essence of your presence you are who I found.
No princess your glasses don’t make you look like a clown.

I’m happy you can see me clear and without fear.
I miss you when you leave because you brightness draws me near.
Even when you go dark I still want to whisper in your ear.
I still prefer you by my side every moment right here.

I light a candle in memory of your broken hearts past.
If you would stay with me forever I’ll show how forever can last.
I’ld work everyday to keep us from having to fast.
How did you do this to me it must be a love spell you cast.

So nevermind the caution let’s increase the speed.
Dance with me until morning I know how to lead.
You might wake up hungry but I know how to feed.
Maybe with flowers, a smile, a beautiful poem you can read.


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  • 10 months ago

    by Trisha Harris

    Love this! Love your style. Thanks for sharing. Im new at this but I would appreciate your thoughts on a piece i wrote called the wanderer. It is through the eyes of Pistis Sophia or Lady Wisdom.