Pieced by peace.

by angelface   Dec 28, 2017

When you were wrong and admit it… no one thinks you would say it.
When you were maybe hoping to turn it around…but it got turned on you.
How does it feel?
Like you deserve what you get.
Looking in the mirror it shows more than appearances.
I could see right through me.
I survived the days of days when I thought it would end for me.
Even if I lose out on the love of some I know I that I could be whole with just me, myself, and I.
I said my piece, but its not brought peace.
Not yet, at least.
Not all was lost I came back from my own hell.
I left you behind because you didn’t know how to take me from there.
I don’t blame anyone but I shouldn’t have to blame myself.
What could really have made this matter was that we mattered.
But, I guess when you’re done.
It doesn’t matter.
Someday I hope to hope like I used to.
Now all I need is to mind the rest so I can rest.


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