My Folly

by Justen Smith   Jan 1, 2018

A share must be mine,
I need someone in me life,
Makes my heart beat like a train,
Clear the darkened sky,
Take away all the rain,
Hold me close make me free,
Empty this vessel of all its pain,
Teach me to clear the past,
Help me Bleech away the stain,
spirits dying inside,
My faith has begun to wain,
All a complete lie,
Hope I deceitly feign,
I cant avoid the hurt,
I try to express it with a rhyme,
But if you ask I'll tell you...
Naa, I'm fine.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Justen Smith

    I wrote this new years morning, I know my cousin didn't realise but he reminded me repeatedly through out the party that yet again I was alone..yet again I was the only one seeing the new year in alone.