Beneath the surface

by Victor   Jan 2, 2018

There's so much of the sea that we haven't explored
So much, that contains so many different lifeforms
So much, that's dangerous for humans to touch or get near
So much that frighten us
Who knows, there might be actual monsters down there
An actual leviathan, or The Loch Ness Monster
There's a chance that all of these are real
And when I'm swimming in the sea, this thought always sends a shiver down my spine
Just knowing, that somewhere, deep below the surface of the sea
There might be a gigantic creature, hiding from us
And to be honest, it has good reason to
Humans ruin everything
We ruined our planet
We ruined ourselves
And that's why we're the real monsters


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  • 11 months ago

    by Avarna

    Humanity is f0cked. Don't overthink it, there are definitely many lifeforms that can end us. Whether humane, supernatural or extraterrestrial. We are doomed.

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