by Taylor M   Jan 3, 2018

He’s got a gleam in eyes
I see them dart across the room
In the direction of another woman
Many women in fact
He’s got tunnel vision
I can hear the thoughts running through his mind
But here’s the thing
He’s got that gleam in his eyes
But now he’s looking at me
He’s reading me
He’s sizing me up
We lock in on a gaze
And he’s boring into my soul
He owns me and I hate it
I can’t let him go
I hear his cackle echo around the room
I get goosebumps on my skin
He bares his teeth in a smile
The lies are seeping through
They’re sinking into my ears
I’m fighting to break the bond
I can’t avert his gaze
His voice is as smooth as whiskey
Sending shivers down my spine
He tells me his deepest desires
I watch them roll off his tongue
I can’t let myself believe him
He slithers across the room
Every step more like he’s on air
He owns this place
He owns me
And he knows it
Now his touch
Oh my god, his touch
Like silk on bare skin
His hand glide across my body
He makes me feel like a goddess
Warm to the touch but I still shiver
I’ve lost all control
We meet eyes again and he doesn’t break
Only moves closer towards me
He’s a serpent
The most dangerous man I’ve ever met
I’m caught in his grasp
Poisoned by his venom
I’m his victim
His latest meal
I’m trapped


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