by ankit   Jan 3, 2018

Mere Zehan mae wo,
Kuch Yun hai Rubaroo;
Loving Her..
is all I know;
Loving Her..
is all I do.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    I would genuinely like to try and understand this poem so would like more information to help me. What does Rubaroo mean and are the last four lines an interpretation of the first two? best wishes
    Milly x

    • 10 months ago

      by ankit

      Hello Milly,
      It's a pleasure for me to help you understand the real meaning of poem I wrote.
      The word 'Rubaroo' is of Urdu Origin and it carries a meaning 'To come Face to Face / to come in Contact with''
      And yes, the last four lines are an interpretation of First Two Lines.

      It's actually a conglomerate approach of poetry involving two different languages, the words of second language completing the sense of first language and the meaning and feel remains same throughout the poem. This is my approach to highlight that if you have a feel and want to convey it then languages are no bar. The words in all languages are just a medium of expression for thoughts.

      Now, it might take you a bit long to read this whole reply but I would also like to explain the whole meaning of the poem in it's raw form.

      Here it goes,
      In the first two lines, the lover is explaining that the introduction(coming face to Face) with his love of life has soo much influenced his mind and soul (Zehan) that Loving Her is All that he knows and Loving her is all that He Does. He has become as devotee to his love of Life and Loving her is all that is left in his Life.