by Avarna   Jan 27, 2018

Here's a little story, about a little girl,
Once her eyes, were the brighest of them all,
Now dull and lifeless, they sadly became,
The main source of a rainfall of pain.

Here's a little story, about a little girl,
Her beautiful smile once comforted everyone,
Her teeth bite her lips as she slowly,
Holds a sharp knife to her beautiful pale skin.

Here's a little story, about a young girl,
Lonely and depressed, desperate for love,
She took pleasure by bathing in attention,
So she aimed for it by lying and pretension.

Here's a little story about a young adult,
Hopeless, empty, devoid of love,
Drifting along the waves of life,
Waves of tears of the years gone by.

Here's an old story of a young lost soul,
Thrashed and beaten by the cold hard world,
She gave in to the pain and emptiness,
She is now just a decomposing pile of hatred.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Victor

    Considering it's the first poem you've posted, it's pretty amazing. Keep writing.

    • 1 year ago

      by Avarna


  • 1 year ago

    by Evi

    WOW ISRAA!!!?!

  • 1 year ago

    by Shaker