by Robert Gardiner   Feb 12, 2018


If you got old on me, you'd just be an old friend.
No matter, what time brings upon you, I'll love you, 'til the end.
If you were to get fat, I’d love you, still, roll after roll,
And even though, your body, physically unattractive, to me, you'd still be beautiful.
Excess weight, does not make for an ugly face.
Even if you were fat and obese, your smile could still light up, any place,
And if you were to lose all physical beauty, I'd still love the person inside,
Because, it's not just your physical beauty, it's you I like;
So, if for some reason, you became, less pleasing, aesthetically.
If you lost all those physical gifts, that, at first, attracted me,
I'd still look into your eyes and feel the same love for thee.
Even with diminished attractiveness, I'd still melt, instantly,
Each time I saw you smile,
I'd still love you, with that same veracity.
You'd still be the Jewel, Of My Nile.
And, if only, one thing, fate said I could give you, a world of love, it would be.
And if fate said, I could spend my life doing only one thing I'd spend it, making you happy...
I love you and shall love you, always, no matter what!!!
You don’t have to worry. You can depend on, my love!!!

Robert Gardiner


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