by Karen Montegrande   Feb 20, 2018

I don’t know what they see in your eyes
because all I see is it’s broken twice
do I have to apologize,
If all I see in it are alibies,
I really don’t know why you can’t look at me,
if you look in my eyes I could distort you from this reality and make you hear my harmony,
I’ll treat you with a never-ending decency and deal with love with less deficiency,
to make love not mandatory but just lovely full of amnesty

If you really don’t want me,
I can leave quietly and say this words slowly “this dreary world has many efficiencies
but it has much sweet memory paired with deadly melancholy like the time you left me”

I can’t I solve this mystery
is love given by opportunity or given with much responsibility?
all I know is that there’s no remedy if you’ve broken a heart remember its penalty,
with the pledge of that somebody? that you’ll feel uneasy.
‘cause love is not to be applied with treachery it’s a treaty,
just like another special thing you see,
Love is, VERACITY!


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