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People call me aloft, loner, quite but to my friends, I'm really quite the opposite. Been writing since 2nd-year Highschool and this had become my passion and my way out when no one is there to talk to and to share my thoughts. I am a registered nurse in the Philippines working here in Qatar as a Registered General Nurse, some call me Khai, some Karrot, most co-workers call me Karen but my family calls me Khai. I have been writing for too long and I want the people to know that through this years I have improved my craft and I'm ready to share it.

Lots of love,
Khai Montegrande

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  • Be the better version of you while they are still around 'cause no one will ever recognize those if they leave and learn to forget you

    2 years ago
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  • The most painful thing in this world is not losing someone you love so much but losing yourself for the wrong person

    2 years ago
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  • Love her like it would be your last, show her what she means and do the things that makes her always come around, remember real love knocks once so make the most out of it.

    3 years ago
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