It's in your Eyes

by Karen Montegrande   Feb 20, 2018

Just don't know what to expect from you,
would i be shocked or be amazed with those things you do,
I believe you're with someone new because i say you writing 'I love You',

Still don't know what to say,
I'm real hopeless 'cause i know you can't stay,
Is it okay? if you just smile and you could stop and say 'I think i'm falling in love with you.'
I should be realistic as of now,
But still i would not expect you to say it somehow,

I'm still believing i could just pretend 'cause we are friends since i can't remember when,
I need a time out from this silly games and sit beside the one i like without being ashame,
I'm real sorry if i am falling for you,
I just can't fight this feeling for you,
But every time you smile at me,
It's in your eyes i see, even if we are apart still your love's inside


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