Loving You

by Karen Montegrande   Feb 20, 2018

I tried to stop what I feel
'Cause I'm afraid you'd send me away,
I'm so attached to what you do,
When I close my eyes all I see is you,

I'm afraid you might see me,
You might notice me staring and being silly,
But i really can't explain what I feel for you,
I love everything you about you,

It makes me happy and I don't have any clue,
But I told myself I can't fall for you ,
I can't be inlove 'cause we're only friends,
So I kept everything inside of me,

I hide this and I say it's really not easy,
But the more I stop this thing I'm feeling,
The more it's hard pretend for us to be only friends,
Is the more I feel guilty about myself,

Please understand, I tried everything,
Please don't go can't I stand seeing you leaving,
I know it's bad to fall for you,
I know you know how much i value you,
But when things go wrong I tell you,
"I'm sorry i tried to hide what i feel"
I just don't want to be unreal,
When from that very first time Loving you was real,
And loving you is the right moment where my heart have healed


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