For One Life

by Hope   Mar 3, 2018

Anger and agony can't be the cause.....
no, not anymore,
promise me,
it's beneath the hurricane....
by the storm of the eye,
my hurricane, hurricane.....
where did the time go as I crash and burn?
let me go
let me go
let me go
let me go as I burn....
burning and the ground,
build me up and I'd fall,
I'd fall for you.....
for me
for me
for me
the heart can't beat without you, for me, bring on the rain;
I'm the cause,
the cause for what's been in vain,
so bring on the rain,
bring down the shame,
all in all, been in vain,
tell me, whome's the one walking in the rain?
it's all so silent;
beginning by the one who's violent;
dying to save one life;-
what is the second strike,
for one life,
for one life,
for one life?
promises are meant to be broken,
by the violence, dead and alive, by what survives.....
for one Life.


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