Love's just In front of me

by Karen Montegrande   Mar 4, 2018

Time will come you will miss me,
Time will come that you'll look for me,
Time will come you'll realize how lucky you were,
Time will come you'll never see me nor remember how we use to be,
But I know time will deal with it the way you don't want it to be,

Trust will break again if you forget to be true,
it will bring bad omen to the ones who pretend to love you,
I'm never gonna regret all the things i've learn from you,
All the pain you gave me, All the tears i shedded,
I'm thankful i met you once in my lifes' journey
but i'm sad 'cause you chose to leave me,

Love was so broad I never knew what it meant exactly,
Love was so selfish it broken the most fragile part of me,
Love was very vulnerable to have penetrated the innocence of my soul,
It brought me the things I never wanted to have,
It gave me the biggest and the worst nightmare i could ever imagine,

Love was supposed to heal every inch of sorrow I have within me
But it was the opposite of and the other way around,
So now i begin to wonder, if it's love how would I know it's true,
If it's real how can I define it with reality,
I know this won't be that easy for me, I'm still confuse I don't know where I'll be,
And how will I know it, how will I know when all this time love was just in front of me.


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