I don't know exactly

by Karen Montegrande   Mar 4, 2018

I was afraid to love again when I experience hurt,
I was afraid to trust because I thought people only fake what they feel,
They'll hide the truth and never show you what's real,
They pretend they care so you'll have symphaty,
They'll let you fall until you give everything then at the end they'll leave you nothing,

Time was a big issue for me,
It made me go crazy,
With each demand I try to balance it quickly
until I realized it wasn't that easy,
Love was everything to me,
But it made me someone I don't wanna be,
It made me somebody I don't know exactly,
It made me the most unhappiest person there could ever be,

I broke my heart a million times before,
I wounded it with the sharpest tool there could ever be,
Words were the most perfect tool to break me,
It even left bigs scars on my heart that's empty,
But I can't force myself not to love again,
Because when I met you I was ready,
Ready to get hurt again for this love that was never been planned,
I love you because you made me see,
that even in the most darkest time I can be me,
I can be who I wanna be and not who they want me to be,
I love you because you love me, no conditions, no rules, no nobody,
and I LOVE YOU because I don't know exactly


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