SEE, my world....

by Hope   Mar 8, 2018

I'll break your heart....-
see every catastrophic magic,
I'm afraid you're the one in the dark,
Come by Me-just let it be me,
....and just see,
cover your eyes for the sin,
my one and only sin, my one and only sin inside....
my world
My World
my world
my world gone mad, head hung low,
what would I know...
my only mistake?
so I cry,
why wouldn't I?
so, say goodbye when you see....-
when you see me,
'cause it's all by the one broken heart in the cold, to...
one lonely soul, by....
every heart in the dark, so...
where do we burn?
spin and turn, hang your head,
hang your head in the violence, because...
it's all in the brilliant, I'm resilient,
hanging my head-by...
All the words that are dead,


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