What An Anxiety Feels Like

by Faye   Apr 14, 2018

You try to take a deep breath, but your lungs will not inflate

You think to yourself, "Have I waited too late?"

You try to move, but you are immobilized from the chest pain

You wonder if it is real or have you gone insane

You finally decide to go to the hospital for some relief

You watch as the doctors shake their heads in disbelief

They tell you that you look too healthy to be here

They don't understand why you have so much unexplained fear

You try to relax and think positively, but your mind will not let you

You think to yourself, "If these tests don't come back normal, what will I do?"

The doctor comes in and tells you that you are okay

You are so happy that you do not know what to say

But then your mind shifts to a future of uncertainty

You try to re-focus and say for right now, I will try to be happy


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  • 10 months ago

    by Em (marmite)

    And sometimes trying to be happy, painting on that smile is all that will help us some days and other days we really are OK....