Saving The Unlucky Goth Girl

by SeaOfTheIceWitch   May 9, 2018

There is a soundless voice inside of my head and body that tells me not speak to me people that they can't be trusted and that they will no not understand me. I'am autophobic meaning that I'am a fearful of everything mainly speaking of the unknowable future. I'am quite something of a sadist for sorrow myself and I have anxieties about people among other things unfortunately. I tend to read and write alot because try to avoid the outside world alot ever since I was a child but I like to pretend that I twin sisters who get along with me and who like the same things a because I never had that or any friends ever. Water has always given me a safe haven and a place where I can be myself so I like to imagine myself as a meremaid or the ice queen or even both. I swim and draw and paint paintings alot and rock music feeds my soul I have alot of high hopes for the future but I have never had a single day of good luck in all of my 24 years on this planet. Witchcraft and magic along with monsters and mythology second nature to me and I know I'am a weird hippy and sexy witch. Let describe myself in more detail I'am broken but I'am kind hearted and creative and feminine and wild but smart deep down inside I want to help people but people and other things always get in my way. I never had a mother or even a just a sick father and homeless since the age of 5 since my mother divorce from my father who almost died on me too many times for me to even count. I would have to say I'am a bisexual and satanic water pagan and storm witch and I identify as otherkin and goth.


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