Re: Nightmare

by Max Wright   Sep 11, 2018

Screaming raged throughout the hallways—
a lonely voice which scratched the walls;
racing up their morbid coat
to reach the window with graceless ease.
Clawing at the frail glass,
that bore the weight of screeching calls
which wouldn’t be shattered, by the sound of anguish
shunning the shrieks of a tattered soul,
were pattering trickles of gentle indifference
drenching a world which was once whole.
Their one who walked through the valley of death
shut their eyes as the wind blew their heart from their chest
held themselves as the land sprang an arm, claimed their soul
(he did not come to bed, he did not come back home)
and now sleeps with the rain that crashes to earth
Replaced by the screaming that makes the throat raw
And tears that trickle in synchronized rows.
she is surrounded by the infinite Alone.
Just Sorrow bellows with ferocious wails
exhausted streams found the drought in her eyes.
Hollow like the six foot bed chamber he sleeps in
Life said goodbye to both sites with speed.
only a pillow to hush the madness.
Sleep, the only sanctuary they know.


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