Broken loving joy

by Ceci   Dec 7, 2018

When I hear your voice
It would be like my heart is dancing around my chest
As if I have found peace and excitement at the same time
And I wouldnt be able to stop smiling
Thinking and listening to you
But as time has past
And we have lost the love we once had
Your voice is that of a strangers
And my thoughts are just listening to words
And they are no longer my joy
My heart is guarded
And is set in stone
Do not blame me for the path you chose
A path which I cannot walk
You are no longer my peace and joy
You are no longer the love of my life
You turned your back to me
Yet you still held my hand
While you began your new life
As I walk in your shadow
I lost my purpose in life
And there has to be a time
Where I must let your hand go of mine
I know itll hurt
And I know you wont come after me
For I need to walk on my own path
And you will continue yours
My heart will dwell from your absence
But in time will become strong again
I love you and at the same time I dont
You are very precious item that is part of my heart. But I must leave it where it can never be seen again
And time will stand still for that part of me that I will leave behind.


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