by Indigo   Feb 26, 2019

As a kid:

Our faces covered with sweat.
As y'all be yellin’ at us with threats.
Our hands covered with cuts and blood.
And our arms, be caked with mud.
Every day, we be prayin’ to God for our freedom to come
Ignoring all y’all sayin’ we’re scums.
Someday I’ll finally leave this place.
Cuz’ the people ‘round here are claiming black ain’t a race.
All y’all people callin’ my people niggers.
As all y’all be sittin' there while y’all snicker.
You’ve whipped me, tearin’ my life apart.
My ma always be sayin’ kindness comes from deep down in our hearts.
I kneel as you chain my hands.
And push me down again as Imma’ tryin’ to stand.
I reckon myself I ain’t gonna give up now.
As all y’all treatin' us like we’re cows.

As an adult:

My ma always be tellin' me to fight for what is right.
I was her favorite stick of dynamite.
My pa even said I jaywalked a two.
Said that I would make a big change that guys like me would be lookin’ up too.
My bro Jay be tellin’ me to never let anything get to me.
But still, as an adult, a white man whipped me.
And he be taunted me and sayin’ ain’t you gonna flee.
I looked him straight in his eyes and said someday we are gonna be free.
He looked at me sayin’ you think a nigger like you would be special.
I told him off sayin’ he was being sentimental.
I walked away, head held high.
Cuz’ he’s just bein’ a cruel type of guy.
Who would’ve knew that I ended up bein’ a leader.
All just because I ain’t never stopped bein’ believer.
I may be black but that don’t mean I ain’t allowed to be speakin’ up for black rights.
Cuz’ all y’all can be speakin’ up to and be white.
Ivva’ worked hard and was very successful.
Now all y’all please remember that y’all are special.
I didn’t back down and I ain’t never gonna give up for freedom for slaves.
So all y’all speak up for all y’alls rights and don’t y'all ever forget “ Remember to be brave.”


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