by Aodh Hyperion   Jul 19, 2004

Rain running on my window
It reminds me the day I met you
When I shed tears on my pillow…

Unprotected little boy wanders on wet floor
Pale face enlightened by rough thunderbolts
That even tear away the solidest core

Disturbs my sleep with your waking dreams
Freeze my lips with your cold atmosphere
Haunts my life with your bittersweet memories

Everytime you came close to me
Stars used to stop shining because of you
My heart was crying and there wasn’t nothing you could do
That feeling I had inside
Ended up twisting up my mind
I was sucked down into a huge black hole
Still I could hear your voice so low
In my neverending journey

Floating into darkness
No sound in this vacuum
Still my heart search for tenderness

Poor little boy who claims to be a stars gazer
And nothing he understands about them
Just a photon which shines his soul’s layer

I reached my destination by now
Back to where I belong
The Sky and the Earth welcome me so proud

And then they whispered in my ears…
“You don’t need a soulmate by your side
Because the Sun lights up your darkest night”

Son of the Sky and the Earth, Hyperion


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