My Best Friend

by JS   Jul 21, 2004

As the ceremony ended,
We knew it was time to say goodbye,
We tried to fake our smiles,
And you told me please don't cry,

We looked straight at each other,
And knew this was the end,
We knew we'd miss each other,
And you were my only friend,

I looked at you very carefully,
So as not to forget a thing,
We didn't know 6 years ago,
Quite what this friendship would bring,

We grew up together,
From third grade up till today,
I knew you had to go,
But how I wished that you could stay,

I thought about our friendship,
From now until the start,
And how you wrote in my yearbook,
I can't believe were going to be apart,

I started to laugh and smile,
As I tried to hold back tears,
Is this how it would really end,
With parting the end of 8th grade year,

I knew that this was it,
We wouldn't see each other again,
And when we had to leave,
You would still be my best friend,

You wouldn't be there with me,
To hug me and hold my hand,
And when I begin to fall,
You won't be there to help me stand,

I tried to think about you,
And just how happy you will be,
At another high school with your friends,
But you wouldn?t be with me,

And as we faced each other,
We didn't know what to say,
We knew to see each other,
This might be our last day,

And as I looked at you,
Tears streamed down my face,
You pulled me to you close,
For one last friendly embrace,

I knew this would be the last,
Time that we could hug,
So we made it last very long,
In your arms I felt so snug,

And as we pulled away,
There were tears in your eyes,
I was very surprised to see,
Because I never saw you cry,

I looked at you and smiled,
And said I love you one last time,
You said it to me back,
And I knew it would have to last longtime,

We looked carefully at eachother,
As we slowly pulled away,
I knew that you were my only true friend,
And in my heart would forever stay,

And as you walked away,
I said please don't forget me,
You told me how could I,
And you walked away promptly,

I knew that I would miss you,
More than any one else,
I think it is because,
In you I see myself,

We are so much alike,
From beginning to the end,
You will forever be,
My best and truest friend

*This is dedicated to my best friend who is going to a different high school than me*


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Awww tahts so sweet. its so sad when things like that happen. x x x

  • 13 years ago

    by Heather Griffith

    Awsome poem!!! I love the emotion you put into it. Keep up the good work!!!

  • 13 years ago

    by FaLlEnDreAm

    NiCe One!!! Keep It UP!!!

  • 13 years ago

    by FaLlEnDreAm

    NiCe One!!! Keep It UP!!!

  • 13 years ago

    by DeAnna

    aww.. i SO feel ya in this poem.. i really have tears in my eyes... wow... that happened to me 3 years ago goin into jr high... it hurts... but new friends can be made, things get better... good writing.. you did an awesome job! !5!