This Thing Called Love

by mary   Aug 25, 2004

What is this thing called love?
Why is it that you can fall in it
And never get out of?
Why is love sometimes pain?
When it’s supposed to be a happy bliss
Why does it always end the same?
Isn’t love supposed to be sweet?
If so
Why does the hurt never leave?
How come you can think of someone day and night
And they don’t even care if your anywhere sight?
How can you love someone with every inch of you heart
But they don’t care at all
As it rips you apart
They should change the word love to pain
Because there’s nothing good about it
It tears up your brain
Why is it that you can cry all night long?
Until your eyes are swollen and red
And they could care less about you all along
But they’re still in your head
How come someone could change your life with just one kiss?
But they moved on a long time ago
And your something they wont miss?
How could you think of someone so much
Until they take over your life
But they’ve forgotten you exist
And your tears never dried
How could someone literally take your breath away?
And you can cry your so in awe of them
And they just look the other way
How could you care about someone more than yourself?
To where you never even care what you look like
Because all you care about is them
How come you can never get over the person you hate most?
You love them so much you hate them
But the door to your heart never seems to close
Why do you always fall for the people that worse for you?
You always love them so much more
Than they would ever imagine loving you
Why does this “love” thing ruin your life?
That person just doesn’t care
So the only thing you can do is cry
If your so in love, why aren’t you happy?
Your life is full of pain
And the brightness you just can’t see
How come you try to talk to other people but that person is still on your mind?
They’re literally ruining your life
And they’ve been gone for a long time
How could you be so in love, and constantly be depressed?
Why are you in so much pain?
When love should be a happy bliss
How come you can’t go on with your life?
Its like they’ve taken over your soul
And there’s nothing left to live by
Why do they walk in your life whenever they want?
Why do you let them?
Why do you still give them what they want?
How could you not cross their mind at all?
When they’re consuming your mind
And they don’t care at all
How come you can cry for days on end?
And all the while they have no clue
And its all for them
How come my life is ruined because of a four letter word?
I’ll never be the same again
Since I let you in my world
How come this thing called love has done so much damage?
You only said it to me once
And ever since I couldn’t manage
What the hell is this thing called love anyway?
I gave you everything I had, and you pushed it all away
Than this “love” thing isn’t good, it’s nothing but pain


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  • 13 years ago

    by SammiBABY

    I totally agree! i wrote a poem about that the other day. That is sooo awesome And true!