You say that you love me, show it

by martina foust   Aug 26, 2004


You say i give you a look that
you think i feel sad,
you say i give you a look that
i am mad.

but you tell me that you love me, and you hardly show it.
you say you love me but i don't seem to know it.

what happen to the old you?
the one who looks into my eyes
and holds me tight,
tells me he loves me day and night.

if you really loved me why would you hurt me?
why would you act as if you don't want to be bothered ?

is it that you want something new?
if so let me know,
i will say good bye and
i will let go.

but if you really love me show me with such care,
you say you want to go all the way
that I'm the woman for you
the one who made your dreams come true.

that i was the one you wanted to grow old with,
and you wanted to be happy, and love me till the day i die

what happen to the old you?
is it something that i did?
or is it something that you want to do ?

you said that you would give me anything that i needed.
what i need is the one who made me happy, the one that i still love and adore?

i want the old you. the one i love.
i love you baby,
i love you so much,
how could you stand to see me hurt?
how could you stand to
see a tear come from my eyes?
not tears of happiness but tears of pain.
i don't understand.

i guess I'm not suppose to
i don't know .

but just to say a few things...
if you love me show it ,
if you want to be with me show it,
if you want cherish every moment with me show it ,
if you want to grow old with me show it,
all i ask is for you to love me.
if that is so hard i guess we
don't need to be.
but you will always have a place in my heart,
no doubt about it i will always love you,
but you will never get the Chance to hurt me again.
i guess you can call it tough love


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  • 8 months ago

    by Ray Taylor

    I really like it

  • 13 years ago

    by martina foust

    thank you

  • 13 years ago

    by hayley williams

    Thank you so much for your comments on my work, !
    This poem is really great, i love it and im sorry for your pain :0)