I wish i could take it back

by Sam   Sep 12, 2004

I can't explain the pain i feel
I still can't believe this is real
i wish i could take back
the day i lied
because i wanted to be in your life

i can't eat
i can't sleep
all i can do is hate myself more
because i don't know why i did this to the person i adore

now you don't wanna talk
And there's nothing i can do
all i ever needed was for you to love me too

but no matter what you'll have my heart forever
because your the one that took it to heaven
every second that you cared
every second you were there

I'll be alone forever without you and me
Because thats where god said he wanted me to be
If you don't want me i guess my life is through
But every second that i live without you
Will get harder every time
If i kill myself this is why
But baby just remember,
i kept my promise and loved you forever

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