Love Crisis

by mary   Sep 15, 2004

Emotions going up and down
One minute I’m filled with joy
The next I’m thrown on the ground

You can make me the happiest girl alive
But if you simply don’t call
I break down and cry
It makes me feel like you don’t care at all

If you say another girl is pretty
Not even meaning anything by it
I get filled with envy
Because of my insecurities

When you say your going out
And you don’t show up til two
I start freaking out
Just thinking of everything you could be up to

You have such an affect on my life
One minute you’re my best friend
The next my best friend is my knife

Sometimes you make me thrilled to be alive
And sometimes you are the only reason
Why I would want to die

You kiss me and hug me and tell me you love me
Then all of the sudden it will all change
And you’ll completely ignore me
And all the sweet things just go down the drain

People ask why I don’t just leave you alone
At times it’s easy and I have my bags packed
But then I think of when you’re good to me
And I just can’t turn my back

I know this love wont get me anywhere
But even when you’re an a*s*o*e
I still get lost in your stare
You’re a gentleman when you feel like it
I don’t know the reason why
But I always put up with it
Even when you’re the rudest guy

When you’re happy, I am too
But when you disregard me
I still chase after you

I’m a fool and I know its true
But from time to time you’re flawless
And that’s when I’m so in love with you

When you’re in a good mood
You make my day great
And were so in love
And I have no doubt that we’re fate

Some days you find an argument out of nothing
All you do is scream
You act shady about something
And completely disrespect me

So what’s a girl to do?
Sometimes your perfect
And sometimes I really hate you


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