Passers By

by mary   Sep 19, 2004

Passing you by
Every single day
Bringing tears to my eyes
As I quickly turn away

Looking me straight in the eyes
Makes me lose my breath
But to your surprise
I would love you until death

Accidentally brushing up against me
Makes me forget the hurt I go through
My boyfriend said he’d change for me
But all I want is you

I don’t know your name
I don’t know what your voice sounds like
I don’t know your background
I don’t even know your personality type

I know nothing about you
Except I’m falling in love
It might sound crazy
But you’re the only one I think of

Just by seeing your smile
You erase all my pain
I’m not even stuck in denial
You truly drive me insane

I see something when I look into your eyes
Something I’ve never felt before
Like I need you to be mine
But we’ve never even spoken before

The way you look at me
Says your feelin me too
We need to swallow our pride
Because I can’t stand another day just looking at you

We pass by each other
Both alone
Exchanging glances with one another
Makes my heart race all the way home

I wish I could tell you I see you in my dreams
And that the only thing on my mind is you
I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me
And that I would give up everything just to hold you

When I see you walking by
I turn away and cry
You’ll never know what’s on my mind
Because I keep it all inside

You’re the only thing in this world that makes me happy
You’re the only thing I see
I’d rather just love you from far away
Than to risk telling you my feelings


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  • 13 years ago

    by Natalie84

    That's the best feeling in the world too. The way your stomach feels when you see him, and he actually looks at you. You have to fight back the big kool aid have been there too. I believe we all have. It's even better when you end up with him. You should let it show. Just smile at him, say hi, something. You might get a little surprise. HeHe....Keep it up and take care....Great poem!!!!