Far too many numbers

by August   Sep 23, 2004

I can see your thousand lives
Atoned within the skies
Though I just begin, your thousand eyes
Can see through a disguise
Ever I thought of your thousand lies,
Used upon me a thousand times
And when you speak the magic words
One thousand of me die

Your hands might come from a thousand years
And over a thousand lands
Your feet might have walked a thousand clouds
Or perhaps a thousand sands
From one thousand million men, you heard a thousand can's
And woulds and coulds and mights and musts
The faulty souls of man

But from my heart (you only see my thoughts)
I formed a thousand strings
I weave a web for catching you
And the thousand suns and thousand moons
And thousand worlds you bring
i'm a greedy jerk, give me feedback


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  • 13 years ago

    by August

    Maybeth is on speed! that's okay, i think druggies are cool! i'd support your comment, Maybeth, but i wrote this in 15 minutes when i was bored one morning. it isn't really all that great.

  • 13 years ago

    by FireCracker

    Lol .. Loved it , Awesome Job ur a gr8 writer and dont let anyone tell ya any differnt, and if they Do there WRONG .. I loved this one and I read a lot of ur other ones there cool too .. but I just picked this one out of the ones i read to comment on ya kno ? well keep up the gr8 work, and I hope you check out my poems sometime soon if u get a chance .. Keep it up .. !
    I gave ya a 5 !

  • 14 years ago

    by Gracie Jo

    I liked your poem a lot. Keep it up and take care! =)