A Kiss

by Robert Gardiner   Sep 29, 2004

A Kiss...

Innocent is a kiss
Pure is its emotion.
Yours would bring, such bliss
My, unending, devotion,
For, once I've tasted those lips,
How could anything, ever, compare, to it?
How could anything else, hence, I accept?
There's nothing even close to it, I expect.

Those sweet cherry lips of yours, with mine, should meet.
I'd like to engross you in, my kisses, sweet.
I'd like to gently, tenderly, softly, press my lips, to yours,
And with that amatory action, show you, my love,
Those overwhelming emotions, that I, sometimes, can't seem to express,
When in your rapture, I am, totally, swept.

I get lost in you, and just seem to lose, my words.
Emotion felt, so clearly, just seemed, to get blurred,
And are, somehow, lost to me.
My tongue gets tied, and I just can't speak.

If I could find my words, I would tell you
All the wondrous things I feel, inside.
I'd like to use, my kiss, to help to,
Express the feelings, that leave me tongue tied.
I'd like to bring to you the same feelings,
Enwrap you, as you've enraptured me.
I'd like to send you, too, reeling,
Just as you do to me,
And with my kiss, I might, hence, win you,
With the emotions, trapped, inside of me.
With my lips, I'll try, to convince you,
That you should be, with me.

Where words may have failed me,
An amorous kiss shall not.
My words may have derailed me
But my kiss shall show, my heart,
And, with this kiss of mine,
I shall win you,
By showing you, my love, sublime,
Upon cloud nine,
I shall leave you,
Fluttering, with butterflies.
I'll engender, within you, the same feeling,
That has me, you, so, enamored of
With my kiss, I' shall send you, reeling,
And I shall, win, your love!!!


Robert Gardiner

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  • 13 years ago

    by Eibutsina

    Hello Robert

    Another masterpiece to your credit - i really dont know how you continue to write such exquisitely descriptive poems - there always such a pleasure to read...thanks for stopping by my profile and checking out mine also!

    Luv Always Eirisa xoxo

  • 13 years ago

    by Ann Stareyes

    Robert, Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Words say so much. Great job, very gifted. lol Ann