by Luvmeluvr   Oct 20, 2004

Blowing things up,
And burning things down.
Seeing scraps
In a pile on the ground.

Watching the sparks
As they turn into flames,
Observing the car crash
Again and Again.

I like to watch them,
But I CAUSE them too.
My name is destruction,
And it's fun to do.

To see people screaming
And crying in pain,
While buildings
Come crashing down in the rain.

When earthquakes and floods
Make you homeless and sad,
Your belongings are gone,
And that makes you mad.

Your world comes crashing
Down like a curse.
And just when you think
It can't get any worse,

I'll kill all your children
Or maybe a friend.
You'll wonder
If this destruction will ever end.

It might for you,
But I'll just move on,
And hurt someone else,
Til their loved ones are gone.

No one can stop me,
You're all just too weak.
You cannot prevent this
Destruction at peak.

So, I'll warn you now,
Best stay out of my path.
For no one should mess with
Destruction's wrath.

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