by Luvmeluvr   Oct 20, 2004

I'm friendless, I'm hopeless,
I'm saddened and scared.
I'm standing here naked,
My soul completely bared.

I'm open and hurting
I though they would see
I was trying to show them all the real me.

They snickered, they teased me,
They left me to cry.
They don't know it's their fault
That I want to die.

They chose one another
Before they chose me,
They make me feel worthless,
They won't set me free.

I wish they weren't selfish;
I wish they weren't mean.
I wish they were loyal,
I wish I could scream.

I wish they were real
And not just in my head.
But I wish most of all
That my "friends" see me dead.

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