I Am Free

by Luvmeluvr   Oct 20, 2004

You are free and so am I,
I've saved myself for you.
I want you back, at least, I think
I'm awful sure I do.

You left me for another girl,
Then you also left her.
I want you back, I know I do,
At least, I'm pretty sure.

I miss your smile, I miss your eyes,
I miss your kisses too.
I want you back, I need you here.
I know I think I do.

You wounded my heart and it still hurts.
When you left I asked you why.
You had no answer, but that's okay,
I still love you the same, don't I?

What is this feeling? Is it love?
Or can I do without your kind?
I know what it is, I loved you once,
But now I've changed my mind.

You are free and so am I,
You go your way and I'll go mine.
Because even though you once had my heart,
Now I know I'll be just fine.


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