Sorry for everything i put you through

by Andrew   Oct 24, 2004

From the first time we've went out
Until now there has always been something I've done,
Not knowing that I'm always hurting you,

I realize now that i have been,
Hurting you i have never wished to do,
Always getting mad at you for something you dint do,
I'm just jealous,
Never wanting you to talk to other,
I've hurt you so much,
And there's nothing i have done to forgive myself or to even say or symbolize sorrow

I feel so bad not knowing what to do,
Thinking how does she put up with the few,
I have done,

I Apologize to everything I've done since we first went out till now,
I didn't know how else to explain it,
besides this way,

I Apologize for all the times I've gotten mad at you,
Never thinking about how much i hurt you,
Being a selfish teenager i am,
Thinking I'm the one getting hurt,
When its the opposite,
Your the one getting hurt,

I've also always wonder how does she still like me with everything i have put her through,
But i still have SO much LOVE for You!
That i would love you until the rest of human kind,
I love you so much I'm glad were together,
But I am sorry for all things you've had to go through when were together

I hope i can be forgive for everything I've done,
Even though i have made you cry,
One thing i WOULDN'T ever want you to do cause of me,
But all i can is ask for Forgiveness and hundred plus times!

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  • 12 years ago

    by elika

    wow that was GOOD! i know exactly what you're saying. i wish my boyfriend would say these things to me! haha funny thing is his name is andrew too. you are a very good writer. GREAT JOB!