I'm so sad without you

by Brittany   Nov 11, 2004

I saw you just the other day,
I knew that it was wrong.
Everyone told me to stay away,
but I couldn't be that strong.

I saw you coming up the drive,
I tried hard to hide my smile.
It was so good to see you,
it had felt like quite a while.

I tried not to catch your eyes,
because I knew it would only take a glance.
To make me forget all the reasons,
why I wasn't giving you another chance.

It was good to hear your voice,
my heart felt finally at ease.
With you in my presence,
I felt so much peace.

All was going good,
until you took me in your arms.
Saying you would protect me,
from anyone who tried to harm.

I looked into you eyes,
I had no control left.
You held me close to you again,
I put my head upon your chest.

It wasn't long til I'd given in,
we layed naked in my bed.
I didn't know how to explain to myself,
the thoughts running round in my head.

I told myself so many times,
that this time we were actually through.
But how do I tell you to go,
when I'm so sad without you...?


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