Being judged

by nessa   Nov 20, 2004

Being told that your crazy and that you'll never fit in that no one will notice you even before you begin.

people tell me I'm different and just laugh,
do i let them no it hurts no i just hope it doesn't last.

i lost my friends because of this because they didn't understand, they judged me on everything i didn't no if it would ever end.

but then came a girl that reached out her hand,
she told me i was normal and that no one is the same,
she said i was beautiful and told me that can never be changed.

how did she no me, i thought i was invisible and that no one cared,
i was obviously wrong,
she didn't even glare.

she told me that i wasn't invisible and that i was seen by many eyes and told me that one day i would see why I'm here and why I'm alive.


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