Midnight sky

by micheal   Nov 26, 2004

Looking out to the midnight sky I see myself
Forever wondering, forever dreaming
Thinking of why did I become like this to myself
Forever sorrowing and yet forever blissful, in this midnight sky.

Turning to face myself, I know the answer
Seeing that I won’t make it, and I found the answer
Looking down at myself, I attempt the answer
As I look through the reflection of the midnight sky.

Feeling dizzy, feeling tired
Knowing that I won’t find my true self
Going under, seeing blood
Crying that I can’t do what I need to do in this self, under this midnight sky.

Not caring about anything anymore
Not seeing anything left for me anymore
Not having anything to ever hold to anymore
Nothing but the midnight sky

I know that my answer was the metal
I know that sliver must meet the red
And I know that I can’t change the fact that I can never do it again
Do it for the midnight sky.

So now seeing the river flowing out of me
Forever Painless, forever flowing
Closing my eyes to see what now lies in front of me
Forever blissful, forever lifeless

Giving myself under this midnight sky


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