I am No Man

by pinkalias   Nov 28, 2004

My lover had been taken captive the word, the word reached my castle walls
Grabbing my sword and shield i answered my angel's calls
My men applied upon my body armor of the brightest gold
Then mounted me upon my steed to fulfill my fantasy forever told

valiant Knight was my name and they praised it as I flew
Out of the kingdom's boundaries to the land of surviving few
But those frozen bystanders who watched me glide through that deadly road
cannot say my eyes showed a glint of fear though the skies did forebode

As we neared that trembling bridge that would lead us across the stream of fire
My horse stagged so I took the path alone to fulfill my love's desire
After I finally crossed the ruins and beheld the dreadful hour
I looked up to gaze upon my lovely chained in the highest tower

"My precious light, do not cry" I called as I dug my heels into the stone
And pulled my body up each flight to claim the jewel which was my own
But all too soon I was interrupted before I reached my imprisoned flower
By a force of heat that pulled me down with hell's ignited power

Bewildered I sought the source of flames of which I did collide
And grasped my sword above my head while I screamed with heaven's pride,
"Step out you horrid beast born from the pit of hell's scorching soul"
And soon the monstrous form stepped out for mine eyes to behold

Towering over the castle ruins it's black scaled body stretched it's gaping jaw,
"These few endeavoring moments are the last you have to regret this deadly flaw"
Then his eyes laughed as his crimson belly expanded with poisoned smoke
And embedded me with flames to burn my lungs and choke

But I was sheltered from these embers by my worthy glory's shield
And endured these blistering rays which I was forced to yield
Then when that fanged demon paused to take a breath of deadly air
I plunged my steel into his stone cold heart born from pure despair
He cried a deafening roar as I sliced through his flesh and skin
And fell as I raised my weapon in triumph of my victories win

The creature lay drowning in his own pool of black and boiling blood
And managed to whisper these last few words through the increasing flood
"This fairytale is mistaken, this story told of a lie,
For I was formed from hell's gates and no man can cause my blackened soul to die"

I carried down my prince to confirm my love was safe
and walked across the fire which had transfered to holy staith
Then I lifted my helmet to reveal waist-length golden hair
and long lashes shielding dark blue eyes placed upon soft white skin so fair

Kneeling, I cradled the creature's dying head in my small and mighty hand
and whispered softly to his startled eyes,

"but I am No Man"

*OK, i admit this is not my best piece of writing, I know that. I just wanted to write something inspirational, (I hope you all got it) and it seems whenever I try to write something it never comes out right, but whatever. Hope you liked it*


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  • 12 years ago


    I am a big fan of the lord of the rings trilogy and this is a really well written poem that actually reminded me of the return of the king when Eowyn took off her helmet afterwards. Keep up the good work
    -Jenna xo

  • Very neat poem! hehe its awesome..Keep on writting! I deffinatley gave u 5outta5:o)

  • 13 years ago

    by Sean Allen

    Heh, I liked it. I was curious about the line that ends with "win." It seemed like the poem stuck with a specific rhyme scheme until that was thrown in. Of course, if it were intentional, ie there to add emphasis to the importance of the victory, then that's fine :-)

  • 13 years ago

    by Elizabeth Ann

    To know that someone as talented as you has discovered me I'm thankful, and also to have now discovered you and I read this poem...I am forced to laugh. This particular piece drew me right in as thoroughly as I would imagine who knew it would everyone. Superb/

  • 13 years ago

    by Unseen Exposure

    I was not expecting the ending, yet it fit perfectly. It sort of sounds like the Lord of the Rings Triligy ... the last one to be exact. I totally admire this poem. Each stanza creates a mind-washing image. It's amazing. Wonderful Job.